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About Sangabrow Company

sangabrow is a commerce , industrial , mineral company . this company was established in 1988 .the aims are to export , import , manufacture , exposal of various sorts of constructional and mineral products and related industrial facilities .

for the present time ,this company , through following its science and technology , has been able to furnish and present its products with the best quality and lowest price

products , in which this company imports , are inclusive all types of granite , marble ,compressed stone and quartzite. these materials are imported from countries as China , Vietnam , Spain , Italy, etc.

products , in which we export , are involved in all types of travertine , onyx , granite and marble in the form of block , slab and tile .

now wherever you are , you can purchase our products or present us your production through the website :

sangabrow company management expectation is to provide your satisfaction in the continuity of friendly relationship , long- term business